About the instructor of this Course:

Matt James

Earth Science Open Institute Summer 2003
Dates: June 27 - July 3, 2003

  Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Pre-testLecture: Origin of Rocks

Rock Sorting

Rock Identification

Lecture: Mechanical weathering

Lecture: Chemical weathering

Glacier activity – using model glacier and smooth rocks

Chemical weathering activity (PH – p. 201)

Rock shake activity (PH – p. 204-205

Lecture: Water erosion

Lecture: How Water Erodes and Carries Sediment

Campus walk to observe erosion.

Raindrops Falling (PH- p. 232)

Sediment Deposition Activity (PH - p. 243)

Field trip

Lecture: Wind Erosion and Deposition

How wind Causes Erosion (PH - p. 257 or HM C16-17)

Inquiry, Investigation, Results, Conclusion, and Presentation to Group

12:00-1:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch

Video: Lay of the Land

Lecture: California’s topography

Debrief/Writing Activity

Landform display creation (PH – p. 175)

Topographic and relief maps used in comparing and contrasting properties of landforms (PH – p. 175 and p. 189)

Make a model glacier

Lecture: Soil formation, properties and characteristics

Lecture: Wearing down and Building up of Earth’s Surface

Debrief/Writing Activity

Soil activity (PH – p. 207, 214)

Rainfalling on mountains activity (PH – p. 226)

Lecture: Waves and Erosion

Lesson Study Introduction

Debrief/Writing Activity

Wave Challenge Activity (PH -p. 254)


Continued Inquiry

Group presentation

Closure and Review


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