Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get my parking permits?

You will receive one parking permit for the whole week the first day you arrive. You can pick you permit up at the information booth in the morning on July 18th.

What time does the Information Booth open?

          The Information Booth opens at 7:45 each morning. See this link for a map to the parking booth:

Where can I park?

          Participants can park in lots E, F, G, J, and the residental parking lot next to the Viognier building. Viognierr is the building right across from Carignane where the course will be held. (The building is located in the North West corner of the campus.)

Will you be providing snacks each day?

          There will be beverages and goodies that will be available  through the break each morning.  It takes 45 minutes for the coffee to brew so coffee will be ready at about 8:15 each morning.  We will also provide a snack for the afternoon break.

Where can I buy lunch?

          There are several places on campus at which you can purchase food for lunch.  You can eat in Zinfandel, which is the cafeteria for the residence halls.  Lunch in Zinfandel will cost about $7.00. You can also buy food at Toast or the Charlie Brown Café.  Toast is located in the plaza between Darwin Hall and Stevenson Hall.  They have muffins, pre-made deli sandwiches and chips.  It offers a barbecue Monday-Thursday from 11 – 1.  The Charlie Brown Café, located on the lower level of the Schulz Center is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 am - 5:00 PM.  They have a selection of salads and sandwiches. There are also plenty of restaurants across the street from the university.

How can I phone home?

          You can use the phones in the NASA E/PO office in Viognier.

How do I get the stipend?

          There will be a form for you to fill out at the end of the day on Friday.  The stipend is coming from the Redwood Science Project at HSU and it will come in one payment.

When will I get the stipend?

          SSU has just installed a new accounting system. To be honest, we aren’t sure how fast paperwork is moving through it. The best you can hope for is about 3 weeks. Don’t worry until 4 weeks. Call us if it gets to be 5 weeks and you have not heard from us. We’ll try to keep everyone posted on the progress of the checks moving through the system.

How can I get Extended Education units and how much do they cost?

          You can get Extended Education units by registering at the first class meeting.  We have the forms and we can assist you in filling them out.  The fee for 2 units is $90 ($45 per unit).  You should fill out the form completely and attach a check for $90 to the form.

What are the course requirements?

            You are expected to attend all five days of the Institute from 9 am – 5 PM.  Attendees are expected to participate in all workshop activities and discussions, and to  record observations and notes in the Science Journal (or you could say Science Binder) they receive.

Further questions????

          Ask Sharon or Sarah (or anyone else who looks like they know what they’re doing.)

Required Attendance all week and follow up Saturdays.