Tools We Will Need on our Journey through the Universe


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Table of Contents

Tools We Will Need on our Journey through the Universe

Quick Review of Scientific Notation

Powers of Ten

Units for Distance, not Time

Forces in the Universe

Strong Force

Weak Force

Electromagnetic Force

Light is Electromagnetic!

The Wave Nature of Light Provides us with Important Probes for Understanding Our Universe

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A Brief Review of ...

Seeing the Light

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Looking back through space and time

Falloff and Shift

Light at a Distance

Think About It!

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Now Confirm It…Low-Tech


Keep Looking!

Doppler Shift

Doppler Shift

What It Looks Like

Doppler Shift / Redshift

Historical Note

What Hubble Found

Hubble’s Law

Implications of Hubble’s Law


The Tools of All Astronomy

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Kinds of Spectra

Another Way to Look at a Spectrum

The Atom’s Family

Periodic Table

The Atom’s Family

Gravitational Force

Remember the Tortoise and the Hare?

So, let us deal with GRAVITY

Tycho Brahe

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Isaac Newton

Was there really an apple?

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Universal Law of Gravitation

Albert Einstein

Author: Lynn Cominsky


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