Black Holes


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Table of Contents

Black Holes

Journey to a Black Hole

Black Hole Structure

What is This?

Types of Black Holes

The First “First” Black Hole

NGC 4261

Supermassive Black Holes

Active Galaxies

Radio & Optical Image of an AGN

Black Holes Are Everywhere!

Galactic Black Hole

Galactic Black Holes

Colliding BHs

Gamma-ray Bursts!

Gamma-ray Astronomy

Sources of g-ray Emission

GRBs: The Very Brief Version

Vela Program


Gamma-Ray Bursts

Distribution of GRBs in the Sky

What BeppoSAX Saw

What HST Saw (Much Later)


Models for GRBs

Come On…Let’s Vogue

What’s Next

New Missions = Better Data

Imagine…we have detected a GRB!

Wrapping Up the Universe

Remember the Falloff of Light

Remember Hubble’s Law

Remember the Doppler Shift

And Now for a Real Spectrum...

A Little Musical Interlude

A BIG Hint: From Redshift to Power

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Author: Laura Whitlock


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