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History #1

History #2

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Finally, the Science

Let This Be a Lesson!

The Connection is Made

A Sheep in a Cow Suit?

Looking in More Detail

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Top Ten List

Top Ten continued

Top Ten Continued

For Every North, There is a South

No Monopoles Allowed

Magnets Have Magnetic Fields

Defining Magnetic Field Direction

Scientists Can Be Famous, Too!

Famous, continued

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Magnetic Field Lines

Field Lines Around a Magnet

Field Lines Around a Doughnut Magnet

Field Lines Around a Bar Magnet

Field Lines Around a Magnetic Sphere

Field Lines of Repelling Bars

Field Lines of Attracting Bars

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Force on the Charge

Watch the Bending Fingers!


How a Cyclotron Works

Magnetic Force on Current-Carrying Wire

Electric Motor

Electromagnet (Magnetism from Electricity)

Magnetic Properties of Matter

Magnet - isms

Making a Magnet from a Ferromagnetic Material

A Ferromagnet in the Middle

More Magnet - isms

More Magnet - isms

Letís Play!

Author: Laura Whitlock


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