Cool Things Light Does

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Cool Things Light Does

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Speed of Light, c

Ioís Shadow on Jupiter

Measurements of the Speed of Light

But What Medium Does It Travel Through?

The Search for Aether

Imagine Measuring the Speed of a River

Same Principle as Michelson Interferometer

Measuring Earthís Movement through the Aether

Results of the Experiment

Scientists Liked Neither Option

Thank the Gods for Einstein!

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Taking Advantage of Refraction



Internal Reflection

Relect/Refract Combo


Maybe Too Much Information




Interference Fringes

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Waves Seem to Work

Review the Properties, Part 1

Review the Properties, Part 2

Review the Properties, Part 3

Review the Properties, Part 4

Light as a Wave Also Explains Doppler Shift

We are Familiar With the Shift in Sound Waves

Doppler Shift in Sound Waves

Doppler Shift in Light Waves

Doppler Shift

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Doppler Shift / Redshift

A Fly in the Ointment

Evidence for Particles

Why the Photon is Necessary


Photoelectric Effect

Einsteinís Photoelectric Effect

Planckís Quantum Postulate

Light is Packets of Energy Called Photons

We Believe in Photons

So, What is Light?

Different Wavelengths Lead To:

Cool Thing About Light

Cool Things Light Can Tell Us

Kinds of Spectra

Another Way to Look at a Spectrum

Spectral Lines

Spectral Lines in the Sun

1/R2 Falloff

Light at a Distance

Think About It!

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Think About What This Means


Blackbody Radiation

Spectrum of a Blackbody

Fun With Lenses and Mirrors

Convex Lenses

Concave Lens

Author: Laura Whitlock


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