Rockin' Out with the Rock Cycle

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Author: Dr. Terry Wright
Slide 1 Rockin' Out With the Rock Cycle  
Slide 2 The Rock Cycle  
Slide 3 Rock Types  
Slide 4 Magmum is Melted Rock  
Slide 5 Heat in the Earth  
Slide 6 Cooling allows...  
Slide 7 Rocks are Minerals Stuck Together  
Slide 8 Igneous Rock  
Slide 9 Uplift and Erosion  
Slide 10 Broken Rock is...  
Slide 11 Deposited, Compacted, and Cemented  
Slide 12 Into Layered...  
Slide 13 Origin and Types...  
Slide 14 Features of Sedimentary Rocks  
Slide 15 The Sedimentary Story  
Slide 16 Heat and Directed Pressure  
Slide 17 Folds are from...  
Slide 18 Faults are from...  
Slide 19 Metamorphic Rocks are...  
Slide 20 Very High Heat...  

Slide 21 Rock Cycle Short Cuts

Slide 22 Uplift and Erosion  
Slide 24 History of Unconformity  
Slide 25 Relative Time Rules  
Slide 26 Absolute Age  
Slide 27 Uniformitarianism  
Slide 28 Last Slide