Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics

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Author: Dr. Terry Wright
Slide 1 Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics  
Slide 2 Early Theories  
Slide 3 Alfred Wegener  
Slide 4 Mobilism  
Slide 5 Evidence  
Slide 6 New Discoveries  
Slide 7 Ocean Floor  
Slide 8 Earth Structure  
Slide 9 Earth Structure Words  
Slide 10 Distribution of Heat and Cold in the Upper Mantle  
Slide 11 Sea-Floor Spreading  
Slide 12 Ocean Trenches Paired with Volcanic Arcs  
Slide 13 Convergent Plate Boundary Subduction Zone  
Slide 14 Transform Fault Plate Boundary  
Slide 15 Continental Drift and SeaFloor Spreading  
Slide 16 World Plate Boundaries  
Slide 17 North American Plate Boundaries  
Slide 18 The Real Driving Mechanism