The Atom’s Family

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Table of contents

The Atom’s Family

Atoms, Elements and Molecules

Parts of an Atom

The Hydrogen Atom

The Helium Atom

Isotopes and Elements

Alphas, Betas and Gammas

First Activity: A deeper look at charge

Equipment for first activity

More questions for first activity

Electrons and Ben Franklin

Second Activity: A deeper look at electrons

Equipment for second activity

More questions for second activity

Periodic Table of the Elements

Navigating the Periodic Table

Electron shells and atomic structure

Let’s do some examples

Shells: thinking deeper

Conductors: A deeper look

Third activity: A deeper look at magnets

Equipment for third activity

More questions for third activity

Magnetic elements: A deeper look

Magnets: Thinking deeper


Resources (continued)

Author: Dr. Lynn Cominsky