Pecking Order

Birds are found in a broad range of habitats. This is partly because they can generate their own body heat (homeothermic). If they can insulate their bodies from variations in the surrounding temperature, they can even survive in polar regions where reptiles and amphibians do not occur. As a result birds also can eat a variety of different types of food. 

The beaks of birds reflect the food type they eat.  The feet of birds can also aid identifying the type of environment the birds frequent. Compare the beaks and feet in the birds on the table and determine which birds go with which lifestyle listed below.

A. Duck                       Sand Piper                   Pelican

B. Eagle                      Hummingbird

C. Heron                      Finch

_____ 1) are active hunters that eat prey caught with their feet

_____ 2) filter the muddy bottom of ponds

_____ 3) are great divers that catch fish in their mouth

_____ 4) walk the beaches and shallow lagoons, probing the sand for invertebrates

_____ 5) are perching birds that rely primarily on seeds

_____ 6) are nectar feeders

_____ 7) walk shallow water ways stalking fish, which they spear with their beaks